The Story of Dregora

Baby Steps

A nice subject to start on is the mighty tree of The Ancient Creators, a server on which I played in 2011. This tree later became the idea for a logo on my own server, which was named Ancient Realms where I started using the plugin TerrainControl.

Posting screenshots and more I eventually got some attention to my project. This project became to grew to be the #1 preset to use which was way before BBundle existed. Along the way suggestions where submitted and experiments where performed giving me a good insight on how TerrainControl worked in practise. A couple years went by until PG85 came along and met MCPitman through the MCTCP forums. This is when the idea of OTG started to take shape. Where PG85 made all sorts of adjustments and fixed up the mod, MCPitman helped guiding his efforts where it was required as well started promoting OTG. It took some time but eventually the fire started spreading bringing OTG what it is now.

I myself came way later to the scene of OTG as I was preparing Dregora to be something that I could actually release to the masses. That concludes the history of Dregora as you currently look at the result created by a handfull highly motivated persons. But do know this is a story which will carry on until Kingdoms rise, Dragons fly, Dimensions exist and Dregora is well known.


Most Honorable Credits

    The creator of minecraft ofcourse!

    TerrainControl Developer.
    MCTCP User Page

    TerrainControl Developer.
    MCTCP User Page

    Denizen Developer.
    Github User Page

Inspired From

    For giving alot of ideas through inspirational screenshots and sutch.

    For highlighting moral issues on some of my project plans.


Because they help without being asked, both on Discord as Ingame.

⏵    NLBlackHeavenNL

⏵    SamB440

⏵    Legoman99573

Content Designers

Note: All content is modified to work for TerrainControl, this took some serious time so please keep this in mind when including credits.

⏵ Jerracraft ( VillageBo3 )

I have created and adapted these villages myself while using Jerracraft's tutorials.

JerraCraft Youtube channel

⏵ Lord Dakr ( ShipsBo3 )

I have followed Lord Dakr's tutorials for the ship hull and basic design. The sails are my own creation being inspired by Lord Dakr.

Lord Dakr's Youtube channel

⏵ lentebriesje ( TreeBo3 )

I have used his treepack with roughly 200 trees and turned the bo2's into bo3's.

Native European trees

⏵ Sweden223344455 ( TreeBo3 )

I have used his PalmTree Pack to improve the looks of the RainForestBeach biome.


⏵ Muromakto ( TreeBo3 )

I have used several trees and turned these into Bo3's I also removed the fences.

Boreal forest taiga

⏵ MyCray ( TreeBo3 )

The Tree Collection

This pack contains several trees which I converted into Bo3's. I can not say with certainy that these are included within the maps or tree downloads. However it still would be nice to include the credits towards this person if you choose to use this pack.

⏵ Plutouthere ( TreeBo3 )

I'm using these trees to add even more variation to the flora

Medium Tree Pack

⏵ ImperiumMC ( TreeBo3 )

Trees used in the wasteland & rainforest continents.

Savanna tree pack

⏵ Muromakto ( TreeBo3 )

Trees used in the rainforest continent.

Tropical forest tree pack

⏵ Sordrin (A set of decorative ruins )

I'm using these in the plains of Lands of Dregora after converting them to Bo3's.

Decorative Ruins Pack

⏵ Ancient Ruins Custom Structure

The Ancient Ruins Build was created by someone we couldnt find thus sadly couldnt include specific credits. This build however was Converted to a Custom Structure by NLBlackEagle.

Dregora Copyright Content

TestWorld Trailer ( Do note that the partnership has ended )
    This Trailer was created by NLBlackEagle with viewable content created soly by NLBlackEagle.
    The trailer was created for TestWorld created by Mysource under a partnership to raise the popularity of TestWorld.
    Ancient Realm's TestWorld Trailer

Lands of Dregora ( All content except above mentioned )
    At the time of this writing the map contains over 3000 Bo3's and about 100 Custom biomes.
    These Bo3's are all created and if not modified by NLBlackEagle.
    Do note that all content was added trough inspiration and creativity.
    Honorable mentions like Jerracraft can be found mentioned above this page.
    Lands of Dregora Download

The HeightMap package
    The HeightMap package was created by NLBlackEaglem using existing land formations through Terrain Party.
    Terrain Party

Rocks & Bushes package
    The Rocks & Bushes package was created by NLBlackEagle and can be downloaded from this
    website for free if you agree to the terms & agreements.

MineShafts 2.0 Custom Structure
    The Mineshafts 2.0 Custom Structure was created by NLBlackEagle and can be downloaded from this
    website for free if you agree to the terms & agreements.

GridWorld ( No TerrainControl Content )
    Gridworld is a world designed by NLBlackEagle for creating & Converting Builds into Bo3's.
    No need to accept any terms. You may even claim it as your own 😉