Issues & Fixes OTG

  • Does Dregora add any custom blocks?
  • No.
  • The world does not generate properly, what could cause this?
  • Easy anwser: Make sure that you run one preset, not two like biome bundle and dregora at the same time in the same server.
    Hard anwser: Check out the discord channel ( ) and ask on how to make two presets run at the same time.

  • The world is vanilla!? Make sure you follow the installation instructions here

  • I have a biome idea, can you add it? Dregora will continue to expand and evolve, the neat thing however is that you can modify, customise and add biomes, world objects and structures to Biome Bundle without any knowledge of Java! [See the Open Terrain Generator wiki for more details]

  • Does Dregora / OTG modify the nether/end dimensions?
  • No.
  • I want to run this on my Spigot/Cauldron server and have vanilla clients connect, is this possible? Yes. OTG can be set up to run as a plugin and clients can then connect without OTG or Dregora installed - however not all features are available. All custom biomes default to being known to the Minecraft client as vanilla 'Plains' (unless otherwise specified in their config file) and all foliage and sky colours would be the same as the 'Plains' biome.

  • Mod compatibility? Any mods that do not add biomes at all should work fine. There is currently no support for other mods that add biomes to the overworld (however you can make whatever biomes you want using OTG). Modded structure support is vastly improved in 1.10.2 and modded ore generation should work fine.

  • Is there a way to know what biome I am in? The F3 menu says 'Plains' a lot! The command /otg biome in chat will give you the internal name for the biome, 95% of the custom biomes use vanilla IDs and are not accurately shown on the F3 menu.

  • I have found an issue, is there somewhere I can report it? There is a bug tracker over at Github

  • Will this require a monster PC to run? It's slower than vanilla world generation that's for sure, I've tried to optimise where possible and it has been tested thorougly using both the best and worst systems I could find. If you experience performance issues, pregenerate the world or have a server do the generation work to offload most of the performance impact.

  • Can I use Dregora in my modpack / let's play / anything else? Sure!

  • How do I know where to teleport? Download the gridmap on our Download Page This map contains coordinates for each 500x500 blocks section. Using these coordinates you can teleport all over the map using the X Y Z coordinates.

A Dregorian Tale - Addon

  • /Craftrealms | /EaglesRealm commands wont work: Use try to use /dregora or /dreg instead.

  • Will this addon be free?
  • No.
  • Where can I download / buy this addon?
  • Once released you can buy & download the addon on the download page.