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Issues & Fixes OTG

  • [FAQ 1] Is Dregora Compatible with Ore-Generation mods and mods that add dungeons, structures etc.
  • Yes, Dregora will work with most if not all mods that add structures and/or new ores.
  • [FAQ 2] Does Dregora add any custom blocks?
  • No.
  • [FAQ 3] The world does not generate properly ( E.G. Only Ocean ) how to fix this?
  • 1. Navigate to your /mods folder and replace the OTG & Dregora mod with the latest versions. If running forge make sure to delete MODS/1.12.2/OTG-Core.
    2. Open /mods/openterraingenerator/worlds/ and delete all folders containing the name dregora. ( So also world_dregora!!! )
    3. If you use forge singleplayer relaunch the game and generate a new world.
    4. If this issue only appears when generating new chunks skip to step 6.
    5. If this issue appeared from the start when generating a new world try deleting the ENTIRE world folder and re-generate it.
    7. Is the issue not solved and does it still looks vanilla/ocean ish? Please re-trace your installation steps at the OTG wiki
    8. The issue should be resolved now. If not please explain your issue at: OTG Discord

  • [FAQ 4] Does Dregora / OTG modify the nether/end dimensions?
  • No. ( Unless configured through the OTG Dimensions Mod. )
  • [FAQ 5] I want to run this on my Spigot server and have vanilla clients connect, is this possible? Yes. OTG can be set up to run as a plugin and clients can then connect without OTG or Dregora installed - however custom sky, grass, water and foilage colors will default to plains. Mob spawning will also differ in some biomes.

  • [FAQ 6] Mod compatibility? Any mods that do not add biomes at all should work fine. If they do they still should be fine unless all mods & vanilla combined run more then 1024 different biomes.

  • [FAQ 7] Is there a way to know what biome I am in? The F3 menu says 'Plains' a lot! The command /otg biome in chat will give you the internal name for the biome, 95% of the custom biomes use vanilla IDs and are not accurately shown on the F3 menu.

  • [FAQ 8]I have found an issue, is there somewhere I can report it? There is a bug tracker over at Github

  • [FAQ 9]Will this require a monster PC to run? It's slower than vanilla world generation that's for sure, I've tried to optimise where possible and it has been tested thorougly using both the best and worst systems. If you experience performance issues, pregenerate the world or have a server do the generation work to offload most of the performance impact.

  • [FAQ 20]Can I use Dregora in my modpack / let's play / anything else? Sure!

  • [FAQ 12]How does the world looks like and are there any warps to showcases on the map? We have a top-view map like dynmap at in the bottom right corner you can see the coordinates! ( Do note if it says 123,876 you will need to do /tp 876 200 123 to properly teleport to that location.