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When I say Lands of Dregora and you saw the Dregora Trailer you probably think of mountains, settlements and biomes which is a good start but does not nearly envelop what Lands of Dregora actually is. Take a step and think about Custom Dimensions, Cave Worlds, Dragons, Custom Items, quests and mobs This is because Lands of Dregora is not actually a map but a project which contains a lot of different worlds, mechanics, some plugins and way more.


Dimensions Example

Above is an example of how the layout of these dimensions will look like, if you go deeper you will reach the Dark Realm, going up will make you enter Elysium. These projects will take a tremendous amount of work resulting in a combined map with over 589 824 000 000 blocks which equals 9 000 000 chunks without including the Shadow Realm.

Quality Content

The structures and landscapes within Dregora have been made with the greatest eye for detail, realism & what is popular. One example would be that volcano's are not just a layer of lava in its crater. They have a lava channel, magma chamber underground & an increased amount of gold in the close proximity but not too much for balancing reasons. Here's a list of what we keep in mind while creating Dregorian Content.

✓ Does the map functions well enough to play survival & factions?
✓ Do any of the scripts cause any complication with other plugins like factions?
✓ Is the map challenging & diverse enough?
✓ Does it look good in both vanilla & conquest texture pack?
✓ Does the map has a logical, realistic & interesting layout?
✓ How does the map looks like under the surface?
✓ Is the map well balanced in terms of resources?
✓ Is the map easy to install/setup? ( Basically as plug & play as possible )
✓ Is there a "good" amount of mobs? ( Not too much or few & logical spawn biomes )

Check out our Roadmap to see our progress on Dregora.



Sapphire City

Tropical Isle

The Blight ( Dregora Lore )

The Blight is a event that happens within the storyline of Dregora, a mini big bang so to say as well as a disease causing great grief among the survivors. Mankind was lost and not a soul remained true to their nature. That was the case until the Dregorian Voyager returned from it's long, long journey and this is the story they have to tell (WIP)

Background Story:
The year is 2116 and the world is at peace, not because we took a better path as there are daily riots and looting, but because the nations fuel reserves reached a point where they could no longer fuel the war machines. This was the moment where the world leaders shook their hands and started the Boson Corporation with the goal to save the world from an energy crisis. A few months later, the Boson Corporation was on the brink of finalizing the quadro accelerator. This machine proved able to power a entire city the size of New York for all eternity. Yet this was not enough as the whole world was in desperate need, so the scientist went back to the drawing boards and progressed to what would later be known as the Blight.

Little is known about what actually caused the Blight to happen. The ancient stories indicate a infinite, self-powering power loop brought to a sudden stop causing a violent clash of particle energy and volatile electricity. This started a chain reaction destroying all major nuclear facilities while space and time were torn apart causing gates to open. Gates nowadays known to all of the survivors yet never spoken about. A hundred years passed until mankind decided to leave their concrete conveins only to find a nuclear wasteland bending under the massive pressure of corruption.

A thousend years later the Dregorian Voyager returned only to discover there was nothing left. We are the descendants facing the last days of mankind.

Ancient Lore 1 ( Navigational officer - The Encounter ):
After spending over 40 years in space we returned to Earth knowing that since the time of departure approximately 4000 years have passed - proving once again the relativity theory by Einstein. However, being welcomed by a thousand voices we instead heard none. For a long time we came up with all kind of theories but none had prepared us for what we saw once in range of the Earth. A desolate Mars-like planet with wide deserts and no communications whatsoever. What happened to the Earth?

Ancient Lore 2 ( Ecologist - Log ):
Year 2156 ( 40 years after departure. ) After scanning the world, a viable spot revealed itself containing a small ocean or a big lake. After the board gathered, the decision to start over on this planet was unanimous and preparations started. Scientists from another department worked out the time-relativity theory and it was said that the Earth-time is set at the year 6156 and a couple months. Close to 4000 years later. What ever happened as an Ecologist I can't explain the strange creatures roaming the planet, not in even one hundred thousand years. Fact is that the concentration of this new life is diminishing wherever there is water.

Ancient Lore 3 ( Soldier's Diary ):
Year 6236, 80 years after the arrival of the Dregorian Voyager and we have settled in a valley now known as Dregora. There are no traces of earth reclaiming the Endlands beyond Dregora yet, but we keep our hopes up. All things considered we are grateful for this small pearl of live and welfare on our Earth as beyond the edge of Dregora the biggest monsters seem to roam in great quantities while they pop up here only once in a while. If we only still had the Dregorian Voyager the task of slaying these would've been way easier but sadly the ship got lost, crashed somewhere due to unknown reasons.

Ancient Lore 4 ( Captain's Log ):
It is year 2300 or 8537 according to the ancient books from the Great Library. It's the Dregorian Independence day which we celebrate in honor of the arrival. This time around it was up to me to carry on the ancient knowledge as part of our tradition. I never took an interest in the weird structures in the wastelands, however reading the ancient books peaked my curiosity. The books told me they where once huge villages equal or greater in size of kingdoms with million of persons living in them with flying machines and more. It's hard to believe we once lived in such a place before the monsters arrived. It makes me question what kind of secrets and treasures still remain hidden in the lands beyond.

Ancient Lore 5 ( Adventurer Log ):
It is now a couple of months since I made the decision to go on a journey to the lands beyond, also known as the Endlands. On my journey I have found several logs so far in ancient structures. Some of these structures are taken by the corrupt monsters from ancient times. Strange is that there are a lot of logs to be found within these ruins - maybe they are being collected by the evil entities guarding those places.

Dungeon Lore 1 ( Explorer's Log ):
It has been days since I and my companions entered the depths of this dungeon to find ourselves trapped soon after. We just ate our last portion of food and the exit is guarded by foul beasts. Al tough, exploring other relatively save parts of the dungeon made us wonder if we even manage to defeat the beasts we will find the exit. There is only one way of knowing and so I hope that this wont be my last entry. May we be blessed by those who call them the RedClan in our attempt to escape.

Dungeon Lore 2 ( Historican's Log ):
Widely known is that the Corrupted Ancients have no way of communicating with one another and always seem to hunger for fresh meat. However recent discoveries within the depths of this dungeon proves otherwise. There seems to be some sort of entity which controls it all. Makes me wonder if this is the case for all of the dungeons throughout the land of Dregora. Never the less we will continue our research and possibly try to communicate with this leader by luring it to the top layers of the dungeon. Our hopes for succeeding are high but we will need to be patient.

Dungeon Lore 3 ( Wanderer's Log ):
I feel something within myself changing... What's happening? Don't tell me I am turning into one of those, no that is not possible. How can this happen? What is a Higgs Particle? Otherworld thoughts are filling my mind but not only.. No not only! I Feel anger, sorrow and change... I like change yes. I'm hungry and craving. No! I Can't let this happen I need to write to focus on my own being. Hahahahaha! I'm Thorin Gunthar from the depths of despair. It's over...

Dungeon Lore 4 ( OutLaw ):
We live by ambushing those who manage to return from the dungeons, a place I would never visit. Great treasures can be found unknown to all of Dregora. This is how I obtained Lunae packed with the power of a thousand strings. I rarely even write anymore, my companions say that's something for adventurers and explorers but I found myself being inspired by those. I could've never thought I would regret what I had done but it's too late now and I got to make a living. So we walk and walk towards the next dungeon in wait for the returning souls. Who knows what we may encounter.

Dungeon Lore 5 ( Elithr: The Encounter ):
Entry 1: These weird structures have been popping up lately, buried under the sand now being revealed. One appeared next to our town! Can you imagine? We only explored the entrance but where scared off by weird noises and moving shadows. We have boarded the entrance to make sure what ever is in it never comes out.
Entry 2: Somehow the boarding disappeared over night and people went missing... What in Dregora's name is going on? We may be better off re-burying the dungeon before more people start missing.
Entry 3: We buried it with rocks, sand dirt.. Nothing helps one night later people disappeared again and now I am left with but a handful of people moving away from the village. I lost my wife... I can't leave her so I will go and find her with whatever it takes.

Dungeon Lore 6 ( Elithr: The Encounter Part 2 ):
I lost my journal.. Or well it just contained a couple of lines but now I have found my wife, although in bad shape I am glad. Now we will have to find a way out and escape these hallways of death and terror. Monsters lure around every corner so we will only have one shot at this. I really hope we will make it.

Dungeon Lore 7 ( Luthor: The Origin ):
After extended research of the Dungeons and its inhabitants these structures seem to have served as tombs later to be changed by those who we usually call by the Ancients or Corrupted. Beings that once where just like me but corrupted by powers which are rumored to be caused by the Boson Rift. A ancient event that destroyed the world as we formerly knew it. These powers

Dungeon Lore 8:

Dungeon Lore 9:

Dungeon Lore 10:

Pirate Lore 1:

Pirate Lore 2:

Pirate Lore 3:

Pirate Lore 4:

Pirate Lore 5:

ShipSunk Lore 1: ( Elithr: The last Journey )

ShipSunk Lore 2:

ShipSunk Lore 3:

ShipSunk Lore 4:

ShipSunk Lore 5:

ShipFloat Lore 1:

ShipFloat Lore 2:

ShipFloat Lore 3:

ShipFloat Lore 4:

ShipFloat Lore 5:

Quarry Lore 1:

Quarry Lore 2:

Quarry Lore 3:

Quarry Lore 4:

Quarry Lore 5:

Mineshafts Lore 1:

Mineshafts Lore 2:

Mineshafts Lore 3:

Mineshafts Lore 4:

Mineshafts Lore 5:

Generic Lore 1:

Generic Lore 2:

Generic Lore 3:

Generic Lore 4:

Generic Lore 5:

Harbor Lore 1:

Harbor Lore 2:

Harbor Lore 3:

Harbor Lore 4:

Harbor Lore 5:

Medieval City Lore 1:

Medieval City Lore 2:

Medieval City Lore 3:

Medieval City Lore 4:

Medieval City Lore 5:

SimpleDungeon Lore 1 ( Luthor: The Orgin Part 2 ):

SimpleDungeon Lore 2:

SimpleDungeon Lore 3:

SimpleDungeon Lore 4:

SimpleDungeon Lore 5:

Village Lore 1:

Village Lore 2:

Village Lore 3:

Village Lore 4:

Village Lore 5:

FarmLand Lore 1:

FarmLand Lore 2:

FarmLand Lore 3:

FarmLand Lore 4:

FarmLand Lore 5:

Plugin information

About the TerrainControl plugin

TerrainControl is a plugin which offers the possibility to alter the Minecraft's default world generation. Trough various configuration files it gives the user control over almost every aspect of Minecraft terrain generation with no knowledge of java required. It can be used on both Bukkit or Forge servers and on single player with Forge. TerrainControl is the successor to the old PhoenixTerrainMod, which was based on the popular BiomeTerrainMod.

These are some of it's features:

✓ Control horizontal and vertical noise of terrain generation
✓ Control terrain height and volatility per biome
✓ Generating biome maps from images
✓ Control the size of biomes, islands and continents
✓ Custom biomes
✓ Many options for caves, canyons
✓ Control vanilla structures like mine shafts, strongholds and villages
✓ Full control of ores, plants, dungeons, ponds and many more
✓ Custom trees and other objects (BO2 and BO3)
✓ Block replacement
✓ Visual settings like custom foliage colors (TerrainControl client required)

Tools used for Terrain Generation:

✓ Notepad ++ for easier editing of config files
✓ WorldBorder for pregenerating your map
✓ BO3Tools for in game creation of BO3-objects
✓ GIMP to edit the map.png needed in the FromImage mode

About OTG

OTG is a fork of TerrainControl developed by PG85. It feels and looks the same but when it comes to stability, features and popularity OTG is the better option to choose when you would like to adjust your own Minecraft Terrain Generation. One if it's primary features is that OTG has both Spigot as Forge versions which work nearly bug-free. In comparison TerrainControl has it's flaws and at the time of this writing is losing it's popularity because the development has drastically slowed down.

This plugin has the same features as TerrainControl:

✓ Control horizontal and vertical noise of terrain generation.
✓ Control terrain height and volatility per biome.
✓ Generating biome maps from images.
✓ Control the size of biomes, islands and continents.
✓ Custom biomes.
✓ Many options for caves, canyons.
✓ Control vanilla structures like mine shafts, strongholds and villages.
✓ Full control of ores, plants, dungeons, ponds and many more.
✓ Custom trees and other objects. (BO2 and BO3)
✓ Block replacement
✓ Visual settings like custom foliage colors. (OTG client / forge required.)

This plugin comes with a couple of extra features:

✓ Faster Generation: Instead of approx 20 seconds to start up Dregora (Generation Map) it takes 0 seconds.
✓ Dimension Teleportation (Configurable: Hit the bottom of the world? Teleport to another one.)
✓ OTGPlus+ Advanced forge customstructure features.
✓ And More which you can check out here.

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