Dregora has been created using the FromImage mode offered by OTG. This means it uses a map to paint the biomes, like a blueprint.

With this mode it is possible to pinpoint a location for let's say a structure on the map making sure it generates in the correct spot having great value for RPG like presets like Dregora is. This page includes information on how to use this to your advantage whilst traveling around. You could even grab the map from this page and display it on your website so people find it easier to navigate around and visit points of interest.

Dregora - Official In-Game Storyline!

The Blight - Chapter 1

The year is 2116 and the world is at peace, not because we took a better path as there are daily riots and looting, but because the nations fuel reserves reached a point where they could no longer fuel the war machines. This was the moment where the world leaders shook their hands and initiated Project Arcturus. The goal was to solve the global energy shortage by extracting zero point energy from their own universe, a source of power potentially dozens of times more potent than a Zero Point Module. However, the project suffered from a fatal flaw. By extracting zero point energy from it's own space-time it resulted in the destabilizing of space within the close vicinity of the zero point reactor. No longer obeying the normal laws of physics exotic particles where formed, they interacted in ways impossible to predict resulting in a runaway reaction in the containment chamber.

Without a lot of information to go on people came to the conclusion space-time has been bend and dimensions have molten together causing the effects of this catastrophe. First the electromagnetic shock wave, powerful enough to destroy the infrastructure as we knew it. Ships dead in the water, planes with complete system failures and earthquakes destroying our means of transportation on the ground. Months later, just as humanity started to find a grip the mutations came, also referred to as the corrupted. It started with a few but they quickly became a common occurrence from which even the inhabitants buried deep underground in their mighty concrete bunkers where not safe. Driven back to our last standing strongholds we foresaw the future with grim eyes. Far away, behind the horde our advanced nuclear saviors of old times stood, slowly ticking away our remaining time as there where none left to fix any damage done. Before long we retreated to our deepest bunkers, ironically powered by nuclear reactors and waited for the world to heal again.

Meanwhile a distant hope was approaching this broken, nuclear world, one that would earn the world's name and it's history as if they where twins. The Dregorian Voyager, a mighty ship with but one goal, colonize distant stars. A dream shattered by a simple malfunction within the hyper drive mainframe that caused the passengers to live a thousand years in stasis until they finally arrived back at earth.

The Dregorian's Demise - Chapter 2

As the staff crew launched into orbit on board a much smaller vessel towards the Dregorian Voyager all of humanity applauded them. A decade would pass until they would return with what everyone hoped to be good news about one or more distant planets suitable to host human life. A place where they could prosper without the atmosphere being polluted beyond saving. However, among all these good hopes and wishes there was a tiny little object they did not anticipated. Far away, light years in fact a asteroid traveled and had been traveling for many million years and among all the rocks it has absorbed the next one was way too big. With a chaotic collision they merged but not completely as tiny rocks flew off in all directions. One of them towards a little moon orbiting a far, far away planet in a unknown system which was currently being visited by the Dregorian Voyager.

Nothing special happened, a tiny rock flew at near the speed of light and hit the hull, leaving a tiny hissing gap which was immediately fixed by the autonomous robots with the task to keep the ship in sublime condition. But it was not just the hull that got penetrated, by mere chance this tiny rock meant the death of two of our crew's members. As it was so tiny it could penetrate basically anything within the ship, including the navigational unit of the hyper drive mainframe. A precious piece of software only a senior mechanic could and should quickly fix as the longer this chip was not working the more the Dregorian Voyager would drift off towards unknown space.

Many years later the Dregorian Voyager reached it's destination, or so the crew thought. But after waking they quickly realized something was wrong. Two of the designated mechanics where dead, hit by a tiny rock while in stasis. A tragedy they thought, until they took a look outside and everything was not as it should have been. Unknown stars, planets.. Nothing they could recognize from the extended training. Nothing the computer could recognize in it's current state as the shutdown sequence was interrupted by a malfunction in the navigational chip. To sum things up, the hyper drive would primarily need two replacements, a navigational chip and a new Crontonium Crystal which unintentionally functioned as a fuse and got hit by a surge caused by skipping the shutdown sequence. The navigational chip replacement was nothing to worry about, the same goes for the Crontonium Crystal if it wasn't a one of a kind crystal. Of course there where replacements, but not as good as the initial one.

A couple days passed, systems where running again and we knew exactly where we where. In sublime condition our destination would have been 5 years ahead. A simple dream away in stasis. Yet the ship could only travel at a mere fraction of it's former speed. Would the Dregorian Voyager set course for it's original destination it would take 987 years to reach while earth was close to a 1000 years away. With both destinations nearly equally as bad we pulled a vote and decided to return home.

The Arrival - Chapter 3

Years passed while the crew of the Dregorian voyager slept in stasis. As the Dregorian Voyager approached the Milky Way the crew was awaken to make long-distance contact with Earth which seemed so blue the last time they saw it, nearly 800 years ago when they decided to return home. However, upon looking towards the earth they saw nothing but a planet covered in red dust. Has earth vanished, somehow replaced by a red ball of dust like Mars? Uncertain of their findings they tried all methods of contact longing for any answer. Weeks passed while hope declined. Earth as they knew it was gone. Only a small speck of vegetation remained, somehow spared by whatever happened on earth. And so, with mixed feelings they went to their stasis pods once again to sleep for the remaining 20 years as they slowly approached earth.

20 years passed in a second, while vomiting and feeling incredibly sick the crew's captain stumbled out of his pod and dragged himself to the infirmary to climb back into another pod and activate it. A day passed while the pod healed him from his extended hibernation while his other crew members waked up as well. As a second nature once capable everyone started checking all systems and did a full ship diagnostic. Everything worked fine, including the substitute Crontonium Crystal. As the crew arrived at deck they could see the captain standing in the center of the room. Behind him there was a red ball, almost like an eye as there was a green iris looking in their direction. What they saw is what remained of Earth. So it was true, the world as they knew it was forever gone, buried under a thick layer of rest dust.

A Dead World - Chapter 4

As the corrupted burned to a crisp the landing gears of the Dregorian Voyager touched the ground after a thousand years. This was also the moment we woke the scientist department to assess the damage and see what can be done while a small team of marines will assist us in finding any survivors to tell us what happened to the Earth. Not much later the scientist department came with a report urging us to visit an known mountain range due north and take some specimen. What we did not told them is that we would not only assemble a team to get the specimen but also visit a special bunker in those mountains. May humanity need any refugee from an apocalyptic event that is where they would go.

Only one person returned from this expedition with a sample of the mountain. His last struck the crew with fear and had they not listened I wouldn't be here to tell this story. "Beasts, corrupted... Evil. Close the gates, NOW! You MUST" As the scientist did their test we closed up the ship. No one out, no one in. And as night fell we heard the noises against the hull. Dawn arrived as the wind blew over a desolate wasteland and a scientist found the truth. Today marks the year 6156, 4076 years since the departure of the Dregorian Voyager. Knowing this and the fact that finding any survivors is very slim the leaders of the departments came together to talk about the future. Would they remain at earth and use terraforming equipment to slowly return the Earth in it's former beauty or would they embark on their journey to distant stars as the original plan was? As the vote resulted in an unanimous decision to remain on earth they started up the engines of the zero-point module, their primary source of energy on the Dregorian.

A New World - Chapter 5

Generations passed as the land slowly became fertile again. Seeds where spread and trees where popping out the ground. First there was a river, later came live in the form of forests, animals and birds. The passengers of the Dregorian Voyager woke up to this new world, being told this actually was Earth they where pained but their will to live was greater then their despair. A big wall was created using the technology we had to keep out the corrupted so we could sleep in our houses at night instead of within the ship. This was also the time of exploration, to see what happened to the world and so towns where created further and further away from the Dregorian Voyager which slowly but surely began to sink into the ground until nothing remained and an era had passed.

This is the new world in which we prosper, we the descendants of the Dregorians which once flew among the stars.

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