What is Dregora?

Dregora is a custom world generator for Minecraft. The generator is part static, part randomly generated. This method gave us greather control over the creation of the landscape and allowed for strategic placed structures, for cities and a ton of diversion. A example of how this map looks can be found at dregora.com/maps The black continents and everything outside the image borders are 100% randomly generated as of Dregora V1.7The generator contains over 220 custom and very diverse biomes in its current state and aproximately 8000 trees, rocks, structures and so on. This project took over 4000 hours with the website and all updates included.

What makes Dregora great?

Dregora adds contrast to your Minecraft world as no biome is like the other biome. Wasteland is not a desert with dead trees, ocean is not a body of water with sand, rainforest is not just a Jungle and Mountains are not hills, chests are not just chest filled with fancy items. And the land you walk on has a story to tell. (Really, each chest has a chance to spawn a book telling part of Dregora's story!)

Did you happen to start up minecraft with Forge? You will see signs of red corruption in the trees, you will find yellow acid colored mountain lakes in the wastelands. You will find frozen, dead ships in the artics and so on. Most of the time spend into Dregora is not slapping together some simple dungeons, is not adding in some visually pleasing biomes. Just try and dig, chances you will find a cool cavern, dungeon and perhaps even a fallout shelter are pretty high!

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