What makes Dregora different?

Apart from being a 4000+ hours project of 24.000 by 24.000 blocks custom map with over 190 biomes and 2200+ objects this map offers you a tale to tell or follow. As this probably isn't your first stop you know that a map usually goes by a bunch of static things put into a certain order. So what if we add some fire?

Well, Dragons ofcouse! Flaming swords causing materials to steam and whirl around, let your imagination go wild as we have a tool to make it a fact. Denizen is the name of this tool which we use to add quests, storylines to follow. A skyrim-ish, guildwar mixed runecape world is what we would like to create within the world of Minecraft. Imagine we're creating a tree as metaphor for the map. Now picture yourself the roots, the stem going all the way up to the leaves, the flowers which bloom during spring and fall of in autumn. As you understand now a tree isn't just a tree like a map shouldnt be just a map.

At last but not least this map wasnt always available for free which means we had to offer a quality product worth the price our customers paid. One of the things I love to share is that by considering every point of view, every bit of critism and suggestions we made Dregora not just a map but a Tale worth telling as every block how foolish it may sound has a tale to tell. I may be the official author of the map but it wouldn't have existed without persons like Samb, Legoman, PG85, Mcpitman, Maho, Odd and you because we listen to what you have to say. So, feel free to watch one of our video's, read some more or try out the map.

Dregora - The storyline

Welcome to the Lands of Dregora, A land in which we will find ourselves surrounded by mountains as tall as the sky and as wide your imagination goes. Dregora, the last realm remaining after what is commonly refered to as the happening.

Dregora will take any player on a adventure across mountains, through jungles, dungeons, settlements, cave systems and a wide variety of biomes. And if you think that's not enough we also offer DLC's to expand the map with creatures like the ones you'd expect from plugins like MythicMobs. These creatures reside in both settlements as dungeons and all have nearly unique names picked randomy from a list of up to 2000 different names and growing. They can offer quests or attack players and occupy titles ranging from bosses to peasants. Besides the current Dregora map we are also working on different dimensions like the Aether, Dungeons Realm, A custom Nether and End.

Dregora - The Background Story

The year is 2116 and the world is at peace, not because we took a better path as there are daily riots and looting, but because the nations fuel reserves reached a point where they could no longer fuel the war machines. This was the moment where the world leaders shook their hands and initiated Project Arcturus with the goal to overcome the global energy shortage by extracting Zero point energy from their own universe, a source of power potentially dozens of times more potent than a Zero Point Module. However, the project suffered from a fatal flaw. By extracting zero point energy from their own space-time, it resulted in that region of space destabilizing, no longer obeying the normal laws of physics. With the creation of exotic particles inside this region no longer obeying the laws of normal physics, they interacted in ways impossible to predict, resulting in a runaway reaction in the containment chamber.

Without a lot of information to go on people now think the space-time has been bend and dimensions have molten together causing the effects of this disaster other then the shock wave to spread all over the world. Mutations, also referred to as Corruptions became a common occurrence from which even the inhabitants buried deep underground in their mighty concrete bunkers where not safe. As if this was not enough nuclear facilities started to fail, being damaged by the initial shock wave and released a ton of nuclear waste. An era passed as the descendants of the survivors where still alive within the deepest of strongholds powered by nuclear reactors, water recycling technology and state of the art food manufacturing.

Meanwhile a distant hope was approaching this broken world, one that would earn the world's name and it's history as if they where twins. The Dregorian Voyager, a mighty ship with but one goal, colonize distant starts. A dream shattered by a simple malfunction within the hyper drive mainframe that caused the passengers to live a thousand years in stasis until they finally arrived back at earth.

We, the Dregorians are their descendants.

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